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The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) held its first women in business training on 1 March 2024. The training, which was conducted through the Management and Development Centre (MDC) at MUBAS main campus in Blantyre, aimed to equi

In her closing remarks, MDC Manager, Dr. Ella Kangaude Nkata described the training as a cornerstone for achieving success in businesses. “In this training, we are targeting women who are doing various businesses, and our main objective is to help them in managing their finances having observed that managing finances has been the biggest obstacle to most women in business,” said Nkata.

She added that the biggest challenge most businesses face is capital misuse which consequently impacts their business negatively, and through the training, women were equipped with knowledge and skills that will help to avoid such demeanor.

She urged all the participants to make good use of skills acquired during the training for a positive impact on their businesses if they were to prosper.

Martha Jana, a Kaunjika business lady, expressed gratitude to the centre for organizing such training which will have a huge impact on their businesses.  

“There were many things most of the participants and I didn’t know about on how to handle finances in business, but through the training, I am confident that what we have learnt will help my business grow,” she said.

During the training, women learned how to manage their working capital, business data, creditors, financial tips and services among other aspects.

The training is part of the core mandate of the Management Development Centre in training various individuals in business, leadership, and management among others. The MDC has lined up several professional trainings, targeting business owners, managers, as well as leaders in our society.

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